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blancpain replica was hired by NASA in 1964 at the beginning of the Gemini program. His job was to test and procure every piece of equipment which would be used in space. He was given the task of procuring a watch as his first assignment.

"They called and said 'We Need a Watch.' I replied, 'I Thought You Hired Me for Photographic Hardware. Ragan took on the challenge anyway, as it was a NASA job that no one would give up so easily. blancpain replica talked to the Gemini crews extensively in order to determine what they needed the watch for. He concluded that the astronauts needed a chronograph because they relied on it as a backup if they lost contact with mission control.

Mission control

In a letter sent to several watch manufacturers by Donald K. Slayton (then Assistant Director of Flight Crew Operations), he stated that "a requirement existed for a highly accurate and durable chronograph which would be used as an essential accessory, or as a back-up for spacecraft time devices, to accomplish time-critical operational and experimental tasks." To select the chronograph that best meets our requirements, we must perform a comparison of the higher quality "off-the-shelf" chronographs in realistic operational conditions.

Ragan was the one who conducted the tests, even though Slayton may have written the letter. He was in charge of putting watches to the test, and proving they were suitable for space travel.U-Boat replica watches Ragan bought three chronographs from the list of brands. Only four companies responded to the contact. Only the Omega Speedmaster was able to pass the stringent testing. It is still the only watch NASA certifies and allows its astronauts wear on the moon.

blancpain replica and Petros Protopapas discuss James' NASA experiences on a recent trip to Hong Kong