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The thermal vacuum test was by far the most difficult of all the tests that I had to do. You have to pull the watch all the way down until it is a vacuum. Then we placed a heater in the middle of it and I tested them at temperatures ranging from 0degF up to 160degF.omega replica It's hard on anything and especially a watch. "The Rolex and Longines failed the first test."

On the first test, the watches are exposed at extreme temperatures

1. The ten watch brands selected by NASA were chosen almost randomly, but anyone would have been able to send in a timepiece for testing.

"I had [to come up] with the list." The only thing I would add is that I wanted ten brands. All of this was published. Not only did we send them out to those ten brands but I also asked them if the would like to submit a proposal with the same price and everything. Anyone who made watches in the past could, if desired, get a copy. This was not restricted to them. It was simple because, you know they sold it at all department stores. "I doubt they make a chronograph, but I knew the names."

2. Three of the four submitted watches were tested, as one was not a wristwatch.

"Only three of them were tested, because the first was designed to be mounted onto a ship. It was a large chronograph, but we had specified that it must be a wristwatch. So it was very easy to remove. "I didn't need to do anything."

3. We know now that all the watches that failed to pass the test procedure failed very early in the process.

"Once it failed and we couldn't get it working anymore, that was the end. In the first test I removed all but one. Now, I was worried that this test would also fail. Omega passed with flying colors. I was unsure if I would ever find a device that could do all that. I had to figure out some sort of waiver.Rolex Day Date Replica The astronauts were all in favor of Omega because it was easier to use. It was a hit with the astronauts and made my job much easier. I then sent the requirements to the people at safety, reliability, and quality who certify the products with all the tests and stamps stating that we passed. We got the paper three weeks later saying that this watch was certified to fly.