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Jeff Stein, who is the man behind the most comprehensive website in the world on all things Heuer or omega replica , wants to educate everyone once again with his most exhaustive article yet.

Jeff has focused on omega replica grail watches this time after establishing the premise of what should be considered as a grail.

Jeff is referring to the fact that a watch listed on the website must meet three criteria.

This model is extremely rare

The watch should have a large, strong following within the community

Collectors must be able to afford the watch

Reference 2447 Three Register Chronograph, 1940s/50s, with black gilt dial. (omega replica ).

The List -- 16 Grails in the omega replica World

Three Register, Black Chronograph -- Ref. 2447 N (1940s/50s)

Triple Calendar Chronograph - Waterproof – Ref. 2547 (1940s/50s)

The "Big Subs",omega replica watches Autavias, 1962

Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer, in Carrera Case, Ref 2447 (1965)

"Yachting" Carrera, Ref 2447 (1964)

The Black Tachy Carrera – Ref 2447 NT (1955)

The Chronographs With Racing Logos