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NASA has recorded everything that the Omega Speedmaster experienced.

1. We used to think that astronauts only wear one watch in space. But some of them actually wear two watches: one for the mission, and one for training.

It was important that the astronauts get these watches as early as possible in their training. We gave training watches to astronauts who were flying with range of time at least six month before any constellation replica I didn't have enough watches to give them all, but we did it for the two or three missions that were coming up. They could use the watches in the simulators, and they could also use them when they flew any aircraft, and they could do all the experiments they did. The ones that I wanted to go on the mission and the suit technician who strapped it on, just before they went on the pad.

Two watches can be clearly seen on the arms of the astronaut

2. Some astronauts treated their watches as if they were lucky charms.

"Most astronauts kept the serial number of their first watch in their heads after I gave it to them. I told astronauts I wanted them to keep it if they used it only once. Serial numbers 27 and 28, the two most famous, were used. The first time they flew them was during the Gemini days. It was the watches of our good friends Thomas Stafford, and Eugene Cernan. Tom wore the 27, Eugene the 28, and they both wanted to fly no matter what.

3. NASA did not use the original Omega bracelets because they were too strong to protect astronauts from injury in an accident.

"Watch collectors will know this, but I have always been concerned about these heavy bands because when these guys are in their suits with the watch blown up they look like bulls in china shops. I began looking for a JB Champion watch band. This was the band I used on all my training watches. These things would snap right where the pins were inserted, if astronauts got stuck on something, you know? I broke off 2,000 JB Champion bands. They don't sell them any more, they no longer exist. "But I've never had an astronaut's arm ripped off."

The straps are made of Velcro and can be broken to prevent the watch from snaring an astronaut in case there is a