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mido replica was a wonderful guest when Omega invited him to Hong Kong for a short visit earlier this month. Even 50 years after the moon landing, we still hold a fascination for the mystery of space. We were delighted to listen to mido replica tell his story of his time at NASA. This was prompted by Petros Protopapas the Museum Director of Omega.

mido replica has been telling his tale since the 1960s but little details of the epic moon landing still surprise us. mido replica has shared ten of his own anecdotes. History is best told by those who have lived it.

1. Even mido replica found the ten-step test that watches must pass to qualify for flight into space to be intense.

In a typical US government, I cannot just buy Omega,mido replica Bulova or any other chronographs that we have. I had to create a specification. Here's what I wanted: It had to be something that was already on the market because I didn’t want to create anything. We had to publish this specification, and tell them the environments that they would have to pass. Safety, reliability and quality are the criteria for qualifying a watch or other hardware.

After I read the requirements I returned to them to say, "Hey, this isn't very logical because I will be strapping a watch on an astronaut. You've asked me to attach a piece here, and you want to see the rattling and shaking of the vehicle. The body dampens a lot. I lost that battle.

The watches are put through a series...

They had to prove that they qualified for space flight

Then I became concerned that there might be a problem if the watch stopped. In my procedure for pass or fail criteria, I noted that the watch had not stopped. Then I was able to resend the file and it began working again.IWC Replica Watches It was a success after that and I'm glad I did it.